The Power of Impulse Buying

Published: 04th June 2009
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At present, lots of Chinese luxury watch consumers just want to show off. They knows little about the brand concept. Not a few just rush to buy after watching a advertisement. Western luxury watch buyers normally put brand tradition, values and family inheritance on the same par. If the grandfather is the faithful consumer of certain brand, then his son and grandson are likely to love the same brand. In another world, in western world, luxury watch consumption is related to deep culture rather than being a simple and quick consumption behavior. It takes a long time to build up watch culture.

The luxuries consumption habit in certain areas of China is called Northern Consumption. The Northern people, not like calculating HK people, normally tend to impulse-buying. For example, in a period when the supply Rolls-Royce car was quite tight in mainland China, a rich man said to the dealer: " I can add 500,000 to the original price only if you can sell me a car. Even the color is not as good as the one I like." That is the many reason that many luxury watch brands try to develop Chinese market. But famous watch lovers think different. They do not think Chinese consumers have impulse-buying behaviors. While many luxury watch consumers aim to make investment or enrich personal collection, Chinese tend to gift consumption and self-award consumption. It is a tough world. To buy luxury goods is a good way to to pamper yourself.

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